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Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight

Paola Compean

Paola Compean – Arrivia, LATAM Marketing Manager

What is your cultural background?

My cultural background is tied to Mexico City, my lifelong home, a place I adore for its rich blend of cultures.

During my upbringing, my grandparents, hailing from Italy and France, added a bicultural layer to my life. Their affinity for Mexico instilled a beautiful blend of European and Mexican traditions within my family. Despite their foreign origins, they wholeheartedly embraced a strong Mexican identity, which has wonderfully shaped who I am today.

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration of my identity and the Hispanic culture. It’s a chance to enjoy our traditions, languages, and cuisine. This month reminds us of our diverse community that brings something special to the world.

It’s an opportunity to highlight what we offer globally, like art, music, and innovations. We’re crafting a story that enriches not only our culture but others too.

Hispanic Heritage Month signifies unity and pride as cultures harmonize. It’s about celebrating our shared humanity while embracing our individuality.

How does your Hispanic Heritage influence your career?

My Hispanic Heritage has a powerful influence on my career journey. It’s infused my personality with an energy that defines who I am today. Being part of the Hispanic community means embracing a passion for life, and I’ve wholeheartedly woven that into my professional path.

Every day, I carry that enthusiasm into my work. This innate passion fuels my dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence. Embracing my heritage in this way has not only enriched my career but also allows me to connect with colleagues and clients on a deeper level. It’s a reminder that authenticity can create remarkable outcomes, shaping not only my success but also the positive impact I can make in my field.

So, my Hispanic Heritage isn’t just a part of me; it’s a driving force that propels me forward with an optimistic spirit and a determination to achieve greatness.

What advice do you have for aspiring individuals that may want to follow your career path from diverse backgrounds?

Here’s some uplifting advice for those who want to embrace a cultural way of living, especially from diverse backgrounds:

First and foremost, wear your cultural heritage as a badge of honor. It helps tell your unique story, giving you an identity that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Your roots are your strength, and a reminder of who you are.

As you navigate your career, seize every chance to engage with people from different cultures. Embrace conversations that offer a glimpse into different ways of thinking and living. Listening is the secret to learning, a way to expand your horizons and gain a deeper understanding of the world around you.

Collaboration with multicultural teams broadens your professional character, offering diverse perspectives helping you create unique solutions.

By celebrating your background and embracing the diversity of others, you’re not just creating a fulfilling career; you’re shaping a legacy that resonates far beyond yourself.