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arrivia won four industry awards at GNEX

We are excited to announce that our company won four industry awards at the Global Networking Experience (GNEX) conference last month in Miami! GNEX is one of the premier timeshare and travel club conferences in the industry, connecting senior leaders from more than 100 developer companies, service providers, and suppliers.

arrivia won the following four awards:

award online media

BEST Online Media: Insider Newsletter

Recognizing our Employee Engagement Team. The newsletter aims to spotlight the vibrant life within arrivia: from leadership insights to department achievements, and from culture events to diversity and environmental initiatives. It serves as a dependable cornerstone in the company’s communication strategy, ensuring every team member, regardless of their role or location, feels included and valued. The newsletter reinforces brand values and is a builder of community spirit. It’s a thoughtfully curated mix of content that celebrates milestones, shares knowledge, and encourages participation in company life, thereby demonstrating arrivia’s commitment to a supportive and inclusive work environment. Despite attention constraints that demand concise readability, the newsletter succeeds with its engaging design and easily digestible content. Its digital format ensures quick, sustainable distribution, aligning with the company’s green practices while providing instant access to all employees.


award corporate social

BEST Corporate Social Responsibility: Make-A-Wish­

Recognizing the philanthropic engagement with Make-A-Wish that reflected our commitment during the 2023 calendar year. Our alliance with Make-A-Wish was initiated with the goal of extending hope and joy to children facing life-altering challenges. Arrivia believes that the fulfillment of a wish can serve as a pivotal point in a child’s treatment journey, offering them strength and a sense of normalcy amidst their challenges. Our objective has been to not only support these brave young individuals but also to uplift their families with the message that they are not alone in their fight. The positive ripple effects of our collaboration with Make-A-Wish are evident. The funds and services arrivia have provided have directly contributed to the granting of wishes, bringing immeasurable joy to the children and their families. The personal engagement of our team members has not only enriched the lives of these children but has also fostered a culture of compassion and generosity within our organization and the broader community. Moreover, our promotional efforts have significantly raised awareness about the crucial work of Make-A-Wish, drawing more supporters to the cause.


award best team

BEST Team: Inbound Marketing Demand Generation Team

­Recognizing our Membership and Marketing Team. A freshly assembled group of strategic thinkers and innovators have established itself as a driving force within our organization. Despite its recent formation, the team has not only met but surpassed the ambitious goals set forth, demonstrating outstanding performance through a series of achievements that have redefined our marketing efforts and brings a new level of timeshare partner support. The team’s innovative strategies have been pivotal in supporting organizational goals, particularly in strengthening key timeshare accounts. Their work has not only reinforced the existing business but also created new avenues for growth, establishing a dependency on the multi-million-dollar business generated through their campaigns. The Membership Marketing Team has exhibited remarkable year-over-year growth. With their fresh perspective, they have not only revitalized stagnant processes but also infused new life into the marketing domain, resulting in a substantial increase in engagement, lead generation, and, ultimately, revenue.

award marketing campaign

BEST Marketing Team Campaign: Operation Super User Campaign

­Recognizing our Marketing Team. In an ambitious move to solidify our market position, “Operation Super User” was launched as a strategic Integrated Marketing Campaign tailored to bridge the communication gap with our most crucial audience segments while enhancing brand awareness, increase customer engagement, and retention. Recognizing the heightened exposure and risk associated with insufficient marketing efforts, this campaign was meticulously designed to address significant gaps in the customer journey and bolster brand interaction with our key timeshare accounts. The multi-faceted nature of the campaign harnessed the collective power of various media—social media, email, direct mail, and digital advertising—each component carefully crafted to complement and reinforce the others, creating a cohesive narrative that resonated with our target demographics. The synergy of these media ensured a robust and omnipresent brand message, driving home the value propositions of our timeshare offerings and positioning us at the forefront of the industry.


We could not be prouder of our teams and more excited for our future!