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Black Heritage Month Spotlight

Dr. Gerald L. Croswell

To kick off ARDA’s spotlights, we’re highlighting Gerald Croswell, our Senior Customer Experience Specialist in Scottsdale Arizona. Gerald shares his valuable perspective: “Find fulfillment in what you do; sometimes the jobs that seem lesser can be the most rewarding.” Click here to read his story.

Gerald Croswell

Dr. Gerald L. Croswell
Tenure at Arrivia: 10-years
Professional Title: Sr. Customer Experience Specialist

What does Black History Month mean to you?

I, Dr. Jerry Lee Croswell believe it is important to recognize that all races have contributed to America’s greatness. Black History Month is a period designated to acknowledging the roles that black individuals have played in shaping America. This includes their work in various fields such as labor, innovation, sports, and government, as well as their influence on laws and travel. It’s a time to recognize that contributions from black Americans are a significant part of our nation’s history. The month also highlights the interaction between black culture and American society. It reminds us that black history is an integral component of the history of the United States. During this month, I also think about historical partnerships that have been significant to me, demonstrating collaborative progress among all races.

Who are your biggest inspirations throughout Black history and why?

As a sports enthusiast, Jackie Robinson and Branch Richie are my key inspirations in Black history for their impact on sports and society. Their alliance wasn’t just about baseball; it was a game-changer for American culture. In a time divided by color, they showed us unity in pursuit of a common goal—”winning together”, regardless of race. This went beyond the diamond, symbolizing hope and setting a precedent for corporate America to embrace diversity. Their relationship transcended sports, contributing to a shift in America’s social fabric that still resonates. Their actions remind us that sports can indeed change history.

What is your advice to young Black professionals who may want to follow your career path?

To young Black professionals, and professionals of all races: Pursue every job with dedication, as if it’s the most important work, regardless of pay. Do your best work as if you are working for the Good Lord (owning your effort). I transitioned from a high-earning corporate banking to a role where I solve travel issues because it brings me joy to help others. Find fulfillment in what you do; sometimes the jobs that seem lesser can be the most rewarding. There’s profound value in work that brings peace of mind to you and those you serve.