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Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight

Monica Olivares

Monica Olivares – Arrivia, Senior Human Resources Manager, Mexico

What is your cultural background?

My cultural journey was nurtured by my parents’ wisdom. They emphasized the importance of understanding and cherishing our roots before exploring the world. Together with my brother, we delved into the diverse tapestry woven by our ancestors.

Our love for our culture grew through exploration of its multifaceted elements. From the richness of our gastronomy to the depths of our traditional knowledge, every discovery filled us with a sense of awe and connection. The pride in our Latin identity, in being Mexican, became a core part of who I am.

As I reflect on my journey, I’m reminded of the profound influence my parents had in shaping our appreciation for our heritage. It’s a journey I continue with a heart full of gratitude and pride, honoring our past as I stride into the future.

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

Hispanic Heritage Month holds a profound significance for me. It’s an exciting time when we come together to celebrate the cultural richness that defines us. To have a dedicated month for our heritage is a recognition that our identity, steeped in history, gastronomy, and tradition, deserves to be celebrated and honored.

This month is a reminder of our roots and the diverse tapestry of stories that have shaped us. It’s a time to showcase the vibrant mosaic of cultures that make up the Hispanic community. The celebration extends beyond just our own experience; it’s a chance to educate others about our history and the contributions we’ve made to society.

Hispanic Heritage Month is a bridge that connects us to our past, strengthens our sense of belonging, and propels us forward with pride. It’s a collective celebration of our shared heritage, and I am grateful to be a part of a culture that is so beautifully complex and deeply meaningful.

How does your Hispanic Heritage influence your career?

My Hispanic heritage deeply shapes my career. It taught me to approach challenges sensibly, considering personal and corporate aspects. Growing up in a diverse community, I gained a unique understanding of different viewpoints, making me effective in multicultural work environments. This heritage is my compass, guiding me towards holistic decisions and successful collaborations.

What advice do you have for aspiring individuals that may want to follow your career path from diverse backgrounds?

My advice to those considering a career path similar to mine is simple yet powerful: don’t view your roots or background as hurdles to overcome. Instead, recognize them as strengths that set you apart. Our diverse backgrounds offer a unique perspective that can drive meaningful change within organizations.

Coming from various places and cultures provides a wealth of insights and ideas. It’s this very diversity that contributes to innovation and drives positive transformation. Rather than shying away from our heritage, we should celebrate it as a source of pride and a catalyst for positive impact.

Remember, the journey is not about conforming, but about embracing the qualities that make you different. By doing so, you’ll not only shape your career but also contribute to the evolution of the professional landscape.